Adam field

I am a qualified, experienced and confident youth work manager who is keen to take up new challenges in the name of progressive youth work.

My background is in community development with young people and in promoting and affecting positive community change for young people through partnership working.

You can follow me on Twitter @youthworkable, check out my Youtube channel ‘Youthworkable‘ or find me on LinkedIn by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Wendy Usher says:

    I really like your work and would like to quote the four types of challenging behaviour and how to deal with them in training for teachers in the UK who are working with young people and particularly those who have special educational needs . Would you be OK if I was to do this stating: Please note this is from work undertaken by Dreikurs,R (1968) and Adam Muirhead (2014) – see https://youthworkable.wordpress.com for further information

    Please see our website for information about what we do to serve disabled children and young people.

    Thank you so much for your help, I would be really grateful for a response.
    Wendy Usher
    The Play Doctors Ltd

    • youthworkable says:

      Hi Wendy, really glad you’ve found it helpful and I’m very happy for it to be used. Thank you asking, the referencing looks fine to me, it’s very much appreciated.
      All the best, Adam

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