Youth Worker UK

For a while now I’d been wondering whether the Youth Work world had been lacking something.  I’d been struck with just how disparate we all were when it came to searching for youth work organisations and how difficult it can be to navigate around organisations if you don’t know who or what you’re specifically looking for.  Where could I go for resources? Who would I tap into for the latest news or campaigns?

The result of my pondering was Youth Worker UK:

Youth Worker UK front page

The trouble now is whether this was:

a) A nice idea but executed badly

b) A rubbish idea in the first place, or

c) Fantastic, well done mate!

I have no idea at all.  So it’s out there now and if anyone would like to try to use it and feed back I’d be interested to hear your views.

Currently it’s hosted by so it’s nice and free! But if this takes off it might be nice to build a CMS that could do some really clever things and not just list sites but stream their latest news/updates etc straight to one page;  People could contribute to a resource library or put up their own organisations to amass a solid database of organisations that are out there.

I’d also be really keen to hear from anyone who knows of things like this that might already exist (and be doing it better!).

Many thanks,

youthworkable logo clear



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